About Us

Introduction about us and box…..

First a small introduction. We are small Montreal, Qc based subscription box service made by women for women.
In today's busy life its often difficult to put long hours to find the best clean healthy products and thats where we come in to lend a hand to send you clean products every month for a yogi lifestyle. Every month we will curate a themed box for you and will send you the new discoveries to your door step. Start a cleaner routine with us one step at a time. We will include 4-6 items ranging from skin care, beauty, tea, snacks, wellness and lifestyle items.

Why Do We Care?

We know that you love yoga as do we. But with all the juggling around things we would sometimes find it difficult to find some time for ourself and  to search to find the right products for your lifestyle. But WE DO CARE thats why we are here for you. We will send you a care package every month with goodies filled with things fit for your lifestyle. Also every month month we will include yoga poses to practice and vegetarian recipes to keep the hassle away from you.


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