Be Happy Right Now

June 10, 2017

Daily Positive affirmation
Life is full of ups and down. When you proclaim this affirmation to yourself every day, there will be positive changes in your life. You own your happiness. Your happiness in life should not be tied down to an individual or objects.
       This is good to proclaim every day because you tend to receive what you speak to yourself on daily basis. You cannot imagine the sadness and expect good things to come your way. Words are substance; they take whatever form you give to them in your life. No matter the situation, choose to be happy and learn to love your life the way you are. You are amazing, you are unique and there is no other person like you. You must love yourself to the fullest.
      This will work in your life because your subconscious mind will be tuned to be happy; your bodies will response to the happy vibrations your subconscious sends. You will begin to see things taking its right position in your life. Practice and cultivate happiness. 
I choose to be happy right now, I love my life.


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